This Competetion Is Now Closed!

TAGB Tae Kwon-Do Online Adult & Junior Video Competition 2021

Date of Event: Winter 2021

Venue: Your Place

Closing Date for Submissions: Friday 12th February 2021, 6pm.

Adult & Juniors

Patterns can be performed and submitted any time between Monday 18th January 2021 and Friday 12th February 2021, 6pm.
To upload your pattern video please visit our area website


They will only be seen by the selected competition officials

MAX size of video file is 140MB


Students should inform their Instructor when submitting their entry.


White Belts        10th Kups & 9th Kups
Yellow Belts        8th Kups & 7th Kups
Green Belts        6th Kups & 5th Kups
Blue Belts           4th Kups & 3rd Kups
Red Belts            2nd Kups & 1st Kups
Black Belts          1st Dan & 2nd Dan (Juniors)
Black Belts          1st Dan *
Black Belts          2nd & 3rd Dan *
Black Belts          4th Dan & Above*

*Adults Only


All competitors must compete wearing a white TAGB dobok.

All entrants will be sent an e-certificate of participation.


Video Requirements: 

You must film the whole pattern with the camera facing you as you start. Do not move the camera or video from different angles. The camera must be placed straight in front of you as you are ready to begin the pattern and remain stationary throughout the pattern.

You must use a mark on the floor to indicate the starting point of the pattern.

You must film the whole pattern continuously. You cannot stop the pattern or restart the pattern.

We must be able to see the whole pattern on the video upload for your entry to be accepted, this includes feet to head to review all stances and movements.

Video to be 140MB Maximum



Black Belt 4th Dan & Above Black Belt 3rd  Dan Black Belt 2nd  Dan Black Belt 1st Dan Red Belt Blue Belt Green Belt Yellow Belt White Belt
Se Jong (4th Dan)* Sam Il (3rd Dan)* Ko Dang (2nd Dan) Choong Moo (1st Dan) Toi Gye Yul Gok Do San Chon Ji Sajo Jirugi 1
Tong Il (4th Dan)* Yoo Sin (3rd Dan)* Choong Jang (2nd Dan) Kwang Gae (1st Dan) Hwa Rang Joong Gun Won Hyo Dan Gun Sajo Jirugi 2
Ul Ji (4th Dan)* Choi Yong (3rd Dan)* Eui Am (2nd Dan) Ge Baek (1st Dan) Choong Moo Toi Gye Yul Gok Do San Chon Ji
Moon Moo (5th Dan)* Po Eun (1st Dan)
So San (5th Dan)*
Yon Gae (5th Dan)*

*Adults Only


Medals awarded 1 x Gold 1 x Silver 1 x Bronze